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Software solution for Lean Management

Process Optimization via all devices

Joint process optimization

Process optimization via app

Mobile process optimization

Employees are true experts for processes in the company. They recognize the improvement levers for process optimization and cost savings.

Employees can submit improvement suggestions, Managers can manage suggestions and assign implementation activities.

The app is intuitive and can be used on smartphone, tablet or PC. Suggestions can be submitted from any place at any time.

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Customer benefits

Flexible use

The app can be used across devices – smartphone, tablet, laptop or pc

Calculate the amortization period for evelean in your company

Unused saving potential has a negative financial impact for companies. €894 is lost every time an employee refrains from sharing an improvement suggestion.

ROI calculator

EUR 894 is saved per improvement suggestion in the first year after implementation
(study of The German Institute for Business Management (dib) that has been conducted for 9 years with more than 1,000 companies from more than 20 industries)

Experiences with everlean

Harald Pölzlberger

Peter Baus

Udo Adels

owner of moveo

production manager at Hydac

Director New Technologies

"Amazing, as easy as it should be!"

"We have been missing something like everlean the whole time."

"everlean is a very relevant software for lean management."

Burkhard Krug

Daniel Kühn

Prof. Dr. Constantin May

Head of internal improvement processes

Tax consultant

Academic Director

"With everlean every employee can submit proposals and ideas at any time."

“Other providers demand tens of thousands of EUR only for the original set-up. everlean is far better priced and exactly what I am looking for.”

“everlean is used by our Lean-Management-Institut to show our course members the digital solution supporting the Continuous Improvement Process."

L. Schweers

Inga Bauer

Michael Delhaes

internal improvements (Dibella b.v.)

owner of Bauer & Böcker GmbH & Co. KG

Senior Consultant at GEPRO

"4 ideas from 30 employees in one week - we never had that before. That was not possible with our old suggestion box. The employees see that as a chance, that's a real added value."

"everlean is great. It gives a great structure to follow up tasks on efficiently and one can submit suggestions from anywhere at any time."

"everlean can be used without much introduction. The implementation of photos via your smartphone is easy and very helpful when describing a problem or a proposal."