How does everlean work?2018-04-09T09:33:27+02:00

everlean is a web-based tool that allows employees to easily input process improvement suggestions.  In being transparent and allowing all members of an organization to see these ideas, everlean results in more suggestions being actualized and implemented.  Since everlean is web-based it does not have to be implemented or downloaded and can be used right away.  Employees can easily input process suggestions simply by opening the link on their phone at home, or at a computer at work.

How does everlean benefit companies?2018-04-09T09:34:19+02:00

everlean works to manage employee suggestions.  Due to everlean’s transparency, employees are motivated to submit suggestions and can see where their suggestion stands in the implementation process. As a result, more process improvement suggestions are actualized and implemented.  In the end, organizations cut costs by implementing more suggestions.

I already have a KPI tool, why would I need a software like everlean?2018-04-09T09:36:02+02:00

everlean provides a wide-array of features such as improved communication, transparency, standardization, and reporting.  Acting as a KPI tool is just one of the many features included in everlean. Overall, it is an interactive tool that increases the amount of suggestions organizations receive, motivates employees to improve efficiency, and increases the percentage of suggestions that are implemented.

If an organization already has established processes in place, everlean can be used to complement those existing systems.  For example, everlean can be used on the front-end, and data can be exported to existing databases.  Content inputted into everlean can also be exported to Excel, from which is can be passed on quickly.

How can I learn more or receive a demo?2018-04-09T09:37:17+02:00

You can test everlean in your organization through a free 30-day demo.  You can also watch any or all of our three 3-minute videos that explain how to use everlean.

If you are interested in receiving a free everlean demo, please email us here or call us at +49  0172 5438 132.

How long does it take to implement everlean?2018-04-09T09:41:24+02:00

everlean can be used immediately! Because it is a web-based platform, it does not require any installation, download, or registration.  As a result, no IT department needs to be involved and employees can start inputting suggestions right away.

What hardware do I need to use everlean?2018-04-09T09:40:38+02:00

Employees can input suggestions from many devices.  As a web-based tool, everlean can be opened on phones, tablets, or computers.  Employees can input process suggestions on any one of these devices even without having their own account.

Many of our customers set-up a “Kaizen Corner” where computers/tablets are used solely for everlean, in order to allow employees to input process improvement suggestions.  Although a “Kaizen Corner” is not necessary, an investment in any such area pays off quickly because of the implementation of employee suggestions, and ultimately saved costs.

Is my company’s data secure with everlean?2018-04-09T09:42:34+02:00

The company data inputted in everlean is stored in AWS servers in Frankfurt, Germany and complies with European data server requirements.

What types of organizations use everlean?2018-04-09T09:43:09+02:00

Organizations of all sizes and in all industries use everlean. Even though we were founded in Berlin, we have many international customers.

How customizable is everlean?2018-04-09T09:45:39+02:00

everlean is very customizable.  everlean is a software platform that allows companies to spread their individual improvement culture.  In order to customize your organization’s everlean software, please contact us via email here or by phone at +49 0172 5438 132.

What languages is everlean offered in?2018-04-09T09:46:50+02:00

Currently, everlean is available in German, English and Spanish.

If you would like to request that we add another language, contact us here.

Is Everlean just an online suggestion box?2018-04-09T09:48:24+02:00

No! One of the only things that everlean and suggestion boxes have in common is that both allow employees to submit ideas for improvement.  everlean works to engage more people in the improvement process, accelerate the rate of implementing employee generated suggestions, and drives a greater impact with features that:

  1. increase the number of ideas that employees suggest
  2. result in more suggestions being implemented
  3. measure the impact, engagement, and activity of an organization’s improvement culture
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