WAREMA Renkhoff SE

Goal: Generate more suggestions – involve all employees

  • Field staff can submit suggestions as well

  • Proposals are implemented faster

  • A higher amount of suggestions are submitted and implemented

Warema, a medium-sized company, is one of everlean’s first customers. Initially, everlean was tested with about 100 Warema employees, and then was later expanded to a total of 3,400 employees. “With everlean, every employee is always in a position to submit their suggestions and ideas,” says Burkhard Krug, head of the Warema improvement process department. Before everlean was introduced, employees had to write their suggestions on slips of paper, which they then attached onto teamboards with magnets. On these boards, team employees could see at which status their suggestion was in (open, in process, or completed). This process already made Warema better organized than most other companies. Nevertheless, according to the Kaizen philosophy which states that processes should be continuously improved, everlean could still assist Warema with process optimization. Now with the help of everlean, suggestions can be digitally submitted from anywhere, and authorized employees can also view these submissions from everywhere.  everlean’s automated statistical evaluations provide Warema information on current trends and KPIs.  everlean also automatically archives suggestions in the “Manager Database.” As a result, administrative efforts involved in processing and managing suggestions is drastically reduced.

Bauer & Böcker

Goal: Gaining a better overview of suggestions and tasks

  • Suggestions & implementation statuses are visible to everyone, thus transparent

  • The monitoring of tasks and suggestion implementation is guaranteed

  • The managing of suggestions is more efficient

Bauer & Böcker is a family business with 8 employees, and produces products of the highest quality, e.g. as a supplier to the famous company Würth in Germany.  About a year ago, the company’s owner, Inga Bauer, decided to focus on innovation and digitalization within Bauer & Böcker.  She quickly became aware of everlean, and quickly installed a large monitor on her company’s shopfloor. Since then, current topics and projects have been displayed on the monitor through the use of everlean’s “Digital Board.” Weekly team meetings are conducted in front of the monitor with the “Digital Board” visible.  In this case, everlean is used to help track project progress, distribute new tasks, and discuss potential ways to implement new suggestions.  Lastly, Inga Bauer says that “everlean helps [her] easily keep track of small projects and ongoing improvements in the company, so that no task falls behind.”

Europe’s largest telecommunications company

Goal: Tracking process KPIs

  • CIP (continuous improvement process) activities are easier

  • Processes are more stable due to the reliable monitoring of defined KPIs

  • Managers save time through automated notifications

In the summer of 2017, Europe’s largest telecommunications provider approached everlean. At the time, they were looking for an adaptive way to restructure and simplify CIP activities. By closely cooperating with the customer, everlean was easily customized and expanded to benefit the customers’ individual needs.  Because everlean was personalized, it now enables the customer to continuously review relevant processes in the company with previously defined KPIs, recognize deviations from the set point at an early stage by means of a special algorithm, and initiate corresponding countermeasures, as well as the tracking of their implementation. As a result, the customer can now say goodbye to complex Excel-based solutions, and stop wasting time because the most important processes are always clearly visible through everlean.  Furthermore, if there are deviations in the monitored process KPIs, the employee responsible for the process is informed by an automatically generated e-mail through everlean.  This individual can then restore the target state as quickly as possible through the inclusion of suggestions, and thus utilize the experience and creativity of all other company employees.